Frequently Asked

How do I prepare my fridge?

Please empty your fridge and wipe it down prior to the arrival of the removalists. If placing it in storage, we recommend wiping the interior with vanilla essence to avoid mildew.

What should I do with my pets?

Moving can be a stressful experience for pets.

We recommend arranging for a pet-sitter to look after your pets away from the moving locations on moving day.

Can I help during the move?

You’re able to help carry boxes, which can often make the move faster and cheaper.

For liability reasons, you are regrettably not allowed in the trucks, which includes riding in the truck during transit.

Are any items prohibited?

Please do not pack dangerous items for transit in the trucks. These include things like flammable liquids, corrosive chemicals, firearms, noxious materials, poisonous items, pets, or any perishable products.

What happens if something gets damaged?

We pride ourselves on offering a reliable, professional, and problem-free relocation service (validated by our 300+ reviews on Google with a 4.8 star rating average!)

However, please notify your movers of any damages you note during the move.

If damage is noted after the move, or your expectations are not met in any way, please call s on 1300 358 700, so that all issues can be appropriately resolved.

What extra precautions should I consider?

We take maximum precautions and place great importance on treating your belongings with the appropriate care they require for a safe and secure move. This includes specialty protective equipment such as blankets and trolleys.

Nonetheless, accidents inevitably occur on rare occasions.

We highly recommend taking out removal insurance for precious items. To organise removal insurance, click here or call us on 1300 358 700.

Do you assemble and disassemble furniture?

Our movers are able to disassemble and re-assemble standard furniture items like bed frames and tables.

However, they are not handymen, don’t carry power tools, and are unable to do things like mounting a television onto a well.

There are no additional charges for disassembling or reassembling furniture, however, such services will be billed at our standard rates.

You may wish to disassemble some furniture (such as IKEA furniture) prior to the move if it is not fit for remaining in one piece during transit.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Bookings may be cancelled (or re-scheduled) more than 48 hours before their start time without penalty and with a full refund of deposit.

Bookings cancelled less than 48 hours before their start time will incur a loss of the deposit.

Booking cancelled on the day of the move will incur our minimum charge fee ($260 + call-out fee).

Do you move heavy items?

We’re able to move most heavy items, however, in some instances, certain items may prove prohibitive. Examples include certain pianos.

For any items over 100kg, we strongly advise letting us know when requesting your quote to confirm we’re able to move it.

Certain heavy or oversized items may also incur a surcharge which will be charged at the time of booking.

In the rare event that we are unable to move your oversized item, we will recommend specialty heavy-item movers that can assist.

What areas do you service?

Areas we service include all metro areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and the Gold Coast. If unsure, please feel free to call us on 1300 358 700 or send us an email.

How long will the move take?

There are a wide range of factors that influence how long a move will take. These include the number of items being moved, parking accessibility for the truck, the level of your apartment, access to your home (eg. stairs or lifts), and the distance of the transit journey. As a general rule of thumb…

  • 1 bedroom home: 2-4 hours
  • 2 bedroom home: 4-6 hours
  • 3 bedroom home: 5-7 hours
  • 4 bedroom home: 7-10 hours

Please note that these are only estimates and have the potential to vary greatly based on a variety of factors.

Our rates are based on time—not volume. Rates are $140 per hour, which includes 2 men and a truck. Rates are charged in 15-minute increments. The hourly rate charge begins when we arrive at your origin-destination, and ends when we finish at your final drop-off destination. There is also a small one-off travel fee to cover the cost in travelling to and from your job.

When can I book a move?

You’re able to book your move 7 days a week, including public holidays. Weekends are generally the most popular times, so we recommend booking as far in advance as possible to secure your preferred date.

There are two timeslots that moves can be booked:

  1. The morning timeslot will have the movers arrive at 8:00am
  2. The afternoon timeslot will have the movers arrive between 1:00 – 3:00pm, depending on when morning jobs finish (you will be contacted by phone 20-30mins before arrival to let you know we’re on the way)

If alternative times are required, please call us on 1300 358 700 or send us an email to organise a convenient time.